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A visit in India can be an excellent opportunity to see with his own eyes the reality in which operates CINI India and to become aware of the importance, for local communities, of projects promoted by CINI.

Visit of CINI's work on villages and slums of Kolkata

CINI India is used to welcome journalists and academic researchers for many years, through collaborations, partnerships with universities or by spontanous interest of the visitors.

If you are interested in CINI's work and want to understand better sustainable development, CINI India and CINI Belgium will be happy to cooperate in organizing a visit to CINI India site.

A journey in the east of India, in addition to tourist fantastic experience, even gives you the opportunity to experience life in the structure of the Child in Need Institute (CINI), in a village on the outskirts of Calcutta.You will have the opportunity to visit the villages and slums and see how the Indian professionals working with poor communities are trying to find ways to prevent malnutrition in women and children, and return to school street children.

The activities of CINI is covering approximately 200 villages on the outskirts of Calcutta and in the city centre. Several local NGOs and the Government are working with CINI to extend its activities and involve the lives of about 500,000 people.

Tour visiting Calcutta (Kolkata), Puri and darjeeling

Taking Calcutta as a base, the tour will take you to visit the famous beaches of Puri and the Temple of the Sun in Konarak, built at the dawn of civilization.Returning to Calcutta from Puri, then visit the region north of the city, with fresh hills of Darjeeling, located more than 2,000 meters of altitude on the Himalaya, home of the famous Darjeeling tea.

Calcutta is also the city where Mother Teresa began her work in favour of the poorest. Then you have the opportunity to visit his tomb in the centre of Calcutta which she founded, and visit the main areas of activity.Calcutta itself, with a population of over 10 million people, is a very interesting tourist point of view: you can visit many times, mosques and churches, where people of all religions live in harmony.

With the exception of the arrival and departure of flights to and from Calcutta to Puri excursions and Darjeeling will begin with fast trains and buses equipped with air conditioning, in comfortable wagons with bunks or beds booked.Part of the trip will also be made by bus or rental cars.
At Calcutta, you will be able to stay at the guesthouse of CINI, in double simple, but clean and decent.
A Puri and Darjeeling can find lodging at other economic guesthouses.


  • Excellent accommodation with all standard facilities.
  • Canteen facility managed by a professional caterer.
  • Community hall with recreation facilities.
  • Administrative offices.
  • Guest-suites with most modern amenities.
  • Large air-conditioned conference room for thirty participants with flexible sitting arrangement and modern training equipments.
  • Fully equipped 5 large classrooms with modern audio-visual aids.
  • Spacious library cum reading room. IEC material display room. Lift and generator facilities.

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