10 reasons to support CINI

To support populations in extreme need and to go on with the eradication of poverty are our main engagements. Development issues are multiple. Organized and structured answers are highly needed, as Sustainable development assume a long vision in time and space.

1. Urgent & critical

CINI is working on the most fundamental issues facing poor women and children in India : nutrition, health, income generation, education and protection from exploitation

2. Experience and reach

CINI is the most experimented and reach the largest population in India.

3. Poorest of the poor

CINI focuses its work on the poorest of the poor - primarily helping communities where family income stands at less than £25 a month

4. Equality of the need

In a country nowadays still matked by class system a religious divisions, CINI helps women and children in India regardless of their religious or ethnic background

5. Citizenship

CINI ensures poor women and children in India are able to influence policies, play a role in delivering services and provide feedback on existing programmes

6. Sustainability

CINI works with local communities, community organisations and government bodies to ensure that the benefits of its projects are sustainable in the longer term

7. Transparency

CINI is committed to transparency. It produces progress reports on all its projects and encourages supporters to visit its work on the ground

8. An Indian organisation

CINI is widely recognised in India as a leading authority on malnutrition.

9. Regional Resource Center

Cini plays the key role of Regional Resource Center and provides education to both the public and the non governmantal sector, garanteeing a spead effect of knowledge increasing efficiency of the help.

10. International awards

CINI's work has been recognized by many Awards for more than 20 years.

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