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CINI regional Ressource Center

CINI Chetana Resource Center is the training wing of the Child in Need Institute established in 1980 with the aim of providing appropriate and effective support services to the work of CINI through a range of training activities. The focus is on Health Management through the Life Cycle Approach. The center was later registered as an independent body in 1989.

The basic objective of this MNGO-FNGO network was institutional capacity building to promote the Reproductive and Child Health programme of the Government of India. For the effective implementation of the RCH programme in the 10th five-year plan the concept of Regional Resource Center came up. 

Services provided:

CCRC has a multi-disciplinary, highly committed faculty team specializing in Social Anthropology, Food and Nutrition, Child Development, Social work, Sociology, Education, Human Development, Mass Communication, Adolescent Reproductive Sexual Health and Women's Health Issues.

Experts from CINI and CINI ASHA, andare often called upon for consultation. In order to customize training to the needs of the client group, external consultants are also used, if required.

  • Training Needs Assessment
  • Training module and manual development
  • Delivery of training programmes
  • Resource material development
  • Training consultancy

The National Institute of Health and Family Welfare (NIHFW), New Delhi has also recognised CINI as a Collaborative Training Institute since November 1998. It is primarily involved in RCH training activities in seven North Eastern states of India. Its main responsibilities include:

  • Training of Trainers (TOT)
  • Monitoring RCH training programmes in the North Eastern states
  • Procuring, translating and adapting training material according to needs
  • Evaluating the training programmes of the various institutions


Ressource center

In view of the fact,  that health as a priority is never reflected in the community practices, which are basically a reflection of the social opinions, behaviour change communication (BCC) remains a crucial component of CINI’s intervention strategies.  In the course of its implementation process CINI has gained experience not only in participatory communication with community but also in different media to integrate implementation with mass mobilization and advocacy.

With the growth of the institution and the corresponding process of decentralization, the need of integrated communication efforts was increasingly felt. To address that  the Resource Centre has been formalized to act as a specialized communication cell.


Serve as one stop source of information on CINI-CCRC, and cater to all the Communication needs pertaining to life cycle based model.

  • Collection, storage and dissemination of the information based on the experiences of CINI Standardise the institutional publications
  • Provide support on management of communication programme
  • Develop communication materials in accordance with the needs of CINI and other organizations
  • Promote networking with other international, national, regional and sub regional bodies experienced in health and social communication
  • Streamline the monitoring mechanism related to communication programmes
  • Maintain and update the CINI website
  • Maintain the automated library

Some examples:

T-shirt giving instructions for a healthy nutrition Game about HIV contamination Comics about Raju and Lata, a young couple facing health and social issues related to the marital life.



Library is a crucial component of the resource center. The central library is based at CCRC supporting other libraries within CINI. The major services include sharing of resource materials,  which  include journals, magazines, newsletters, articles, press releases, communication materials etc. on a wide range of issues including reproductive heath, nutrition, training, communication, MIS, documentation, gender, education, child and adolescent health, management, evaluation, funding, as well as disaster management.

A library software package, is been used for upgrading the library with electronically available information regarding the resource materials. Updation of the audio and videocassettes into CDs have been undertaken to make them available as resource materials.  

Moreover all the documents related to CINI programmes such as proposals, strategy papers, reports of major events like training, workshop, orientation, meet, information of major forthcoming events etc are getting collated in the information base of the library for future reference use.

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