Nutrition Rehabilitation Center and Emergency Ward

A shoking 1/10 children born in India die before their 6th birthday. More than half of these deaths are related to malnutition.

CINI Belgium Activities intents to finance the Nutrition Rehabilitation Center in Kolkata, India.

A budget of 150.000 € to provide first care and infrastructure to more than 35.000 of the poorest.

5 objectives

1. Child weight and appetite:
To help the children admitted to gain weight at a normal or increased rate, and to ensure the children's appetite has returned.

2. Mother capacity building in nutrition and health:
To train the principal care givers (usually the mother) about nutrition and preventative healthcare practices and to be sure she feels confident about being able to look after the child before being discharged;
To ensure the mother knows about the Home treatment for diarrhea, fever and acute respiratory infections;

3. To control secondary infections;

4. Follow-up:
To monitor when development milestones are reached, and to undertake regular follow-up on the health of the child and care giver, thereby helping if possible to develop a close liaison between the family and CINI's health workers in the field.

5. Monitoring and evaluation:
CINI is commited to monitoring and evaluating all its projects. Details of Activities undertaken at the Emergency Ward and Nutrition Rehabilitation Center and their impact in terms of meeting the objectives listed above will be made available to supporters. CINI also uses this information to continually review and improve the services it offers.


The Emergency Ward (EW) and Nutrition Rehabilitation Center (NRC):

The Emergency Ward is 10-bed unit that provides emergency care facilities to children with acute malnutrition-related health problems.
The Nutrition Rehabilitation Center (NRC) is a 12-bed unit for rehabilitation of undernourished children plus supportive care and capacity building of mothers and/or other cares. A mother is provided with accomodation, food and emotional support as her child is nursed back to health.



Last year CINI admited a total pf 1.350 chidren and their primary carers to our Emergency Ward and Nurition Rehabilitation Center.

We are well on our way to raising 36.262 pounds. However, more sustainable, multi-year funding is urgently needed. It will cost 181.310 pounds to secure the future of these services for the next 5 years.

  Head of Expense Amount in € (Rs)
1 Personnel (Doctors, Nurses, Nutritionist, Storekeeper, Supervisors, Attendants) 6857 € (Rs. 2,40,000)
2 Services(Food, Medicines, Investigations) 3600 € (RS. 1,26,000)
3 Training 69 € (Rs. 24000)
  Monitoring and documentation 171 € (Rs. 6000)
4 Travel 57 € (Rs. 2000)
5 Office expenses 57 € (Rs. 2000)
6 Corpus contribution 2857 € (Rs. 1,00,000)
  Total 14285 € (Rs. 5,00,000)

After 10 years support for CINI's work with severely malnourished children, ICCO, a major Dutch charity, is shifting its regional focus. Therefore, restricted funding for the EW and RHC from yhis organization came to an end in February 2006.

We are well on our way to raising 36.262 pounds. However, more sustainable, multi-year funding is urgently needed in order to ensure that over the coming years severely malnourished children and their families are not deprived of these vital services because of financial insecurity.

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