Institutional services

Out Patient Department & Thursday Clinic

The Out Patient Department caters to health problems of children below 6 years. The clinic registers children and provides them with medicines and conducts minor surgery. The clinic reaches out to more than 13,000 children in a year.

The Thrusday clinic provides preventive and curative services to the children below 6 years and pregnant mothers and acts as a referral centre both from CINI project and non-project areas. Apart from being educational in nature, the Clinic also serves as a training exposure unit for trainees from different backgrounds. The clinic records an attendance of over 17,000 children and 2,500 pregnant women.

Reproductive Health Clinic

Provides curative services to men & women suffering from reproductive illness and/or sexually transmitted disease. It also provides counselling and family planning services and has recorded more than 800 cases

Nutrition Rehabilitation Centre

A 12-bedded unit for rehabilitation of children who have been admitted into the emergency ward with severe malnutrition or are directly referred by doctors from CINI. The Centre provides awareness on proper feeding of malnourished children, their care, the preparation of nutritious food and proper care for the mother.

Emergency Ward

Equipped with 10-beds for children who have been identified with complications like acute respiratory illness, diarrhoea or severe malnutrition. Children are admitted here along with their mothers who are educated in the proper care of their child.

Lactation Management Unit

The unit is devoted to the support and counselling of mothers with lactation failures. Husbands are also counselled on the need to ensure adequate nutritional and emotional support to their wife for successful lactation.


A low cost supplementary food, developed by CINI, is distributed amongst malnourished children in the clinics and the mothers are informed about the ingredients and the preparation.

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