Donation to CINI Belgium

CINI Belgium is run by volunteers and needs to rely on sponsors and donators to run its activities. Organising presentations, publishing materials and documentation, as well as the day-to-day management, can be run thanks to your participation!

You can have a look on our buget and financial report in the about us page.

Payment procedure

Here are our references.
Please give us a call, or send us an email, just for the pleasure of meeting and thanking you !

Email: info (at)
Registered charity 1092674
Bank Account: 320.0117502.08
SWIFT Code: coming
IBAN: coming

Tax advantages

Your donations are eligible for tax relief in a year when they exceed 1% of your verzamelinkomen, with a minimum of 60 euros. Per calendar year may get up to 10% of your verzamelinkomen subtraction. You can enter your donations through the Income Tax or a T-form. If you call your bank or bank statements.

Gift in deed

A notarial gift is always fully deductible for income, regardless of the amount. You hereby undertakes, in a period of at least five years, each year a fixed amount to donate.


If your support for our work testamentary want to capture, then you can do so via a erfstelling or a legacy. In a erfstelling leave a certain percentage of your total legacy to CINI Holland after. When a legacy is a fixed amount that you advance, or real estate, art, shares ... You can also contact us for any and generally appoint heir.
A testament should always be made to the notary.


Other schemes

Apart form the Adopt a mother and Sponsor a Child programmes, and besides the opprtrunity to Sponsor a project needing substantial funds, there are different ways to participate and help us with donations.

Scheme A
Clinic Sponsorship - A weekly clinic which takes place every Thursday rendering services to 600 women and children (one time payment).
18,000 514 
Scheme B
Sponsorship of a month's supply of Nutrimix packets to malnourished children distributed during the Thursday clinics.
10,000 285
Scheme C
Sponsorship of one bed per year at our children's ward.
72,000 2057
Scheme D
Permanent bed sponsorship in our children's ward (one time payment).
10,00,000 28571
Scheme E
Repair & maintenance of the children's ward (annually).
50,000 1430
Scheme F
Sponsorship of Newsletter (500 Copies)
7,000 200
Scheme G
Donation towards Corpus Funds - interest accrued thereof will be used for malnutrition prevention and treatment of a child.
2,00,000 5714
Scheme H
Donation towards two women of children receiving treatment at our clinic
100 3
Scheme I
Donation towards a child's food, education and treatment for two days at the short-stay home (half-way house)
100 3
Scheme J
Donation towards a child's stay at the children's ward for two days
250 7
Scheme K
Donation towards a months educational expense of a child.
250 7


Payment procedures

If you are planning to make one of these donations, please give us a call or send us an email and we will be glad to go further along with CINI India.

Thanks a lot in advance!

CINI Belgium
Kipdorpvest 48/52, 2000 Antwerpen - Belgium
Bank Account: 320.0117502.08

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