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The Child In Need Institure (CINI), Kokata, India, is recognized as a leading Inidan NGO in the field of Sustainable development in nutrition, health and education . CINI is run by certificated professionals and a scientific work based on the life cycle approach. Its role in Research and training, and the reach and results since the starting year 1974 gave several awards recognizing CINI's work and professionals.

CINI has founded CINI International, which has been set up as part of CINI on February 1, 2000. CINI with its programs and CINI-International networking are dedicated to improving the welfare and health of current and future generations in India.

CINI India:

CINI Belgium
Kipdorpvest 48/52, 2000 Antwerpen - Belgium
Bank Account: 320.0117502.08

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