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A non-profit organisation

CINI Belgium is settle since July 2008 as a non profit organisation.
Official documentation will be published soon.

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Kipdorpvest 48/52,
2000 Antwerpen - Belgium
Phone: +32 478 620 320

Email: info (at) cinibelgium.org
Website: www.cinibelgium.org
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Registered charity 1092674
Bank Account: 320.0117502.08
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Our team

CINI Belgium is run by three volunteers:

Aishwerya Puri (Indian, born in 1982)

Main responsability: Operations and general management
Education: Economics and statistics (University of Michigan, USA)
Profession: Recycling paper Company



Sonu Malik (Belgian, born in 1983)

Main responsability: Finance
Education: Economics and finance (University of Antwerp, Belgium)
Profession: Financial auditor for Deloitte



Alain De Ganck (Belgian, born in 1981)

Main responsability: Communication
: Journalism and Philosophy
Profession: Webmaster for the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA) of the European Commission.

"I came to India to understand better what sustainable development could mean. I 've been impressed by CINI: their approach is scientific, their workers are real health professionals ! That's why I decided to support CINI in helping the poorest for health, nutrition and education."


Our core values

Professionalism, sustainability and transparency are the key words in an approach that leads to a behavioral change in the field of health and eating habits with mother, child, family and living.


Professionalism is in the CINI-organization in India. The approach is rational and scientific, as developed along the life cycle appraoch. The staff is professional and professionally trained to ensure a meaningful impact of the work.
CINI performs it with the following levels:

Micro: The CINI approach focuses on families and children in the rural and urban areas.

Meso: CINI trains its own 'health workers' but plays the key role of regional ressource center providing formations to the staff of other aid organizations in India.

Macro: CINI is active in various administrative levels in India and has direct government policy.

CINI Belgium attracts these professionalism to its organization and approach. An expert and involved Advisory Council, administration and work shall ensure that all necessary disciplines are covered: finances, organization, marketing, computer science and communications. A solid plan provides a sensible and achievable growth.


Sustainability is made secure by: The applications of the CBK label; Establish and maintain contacts with key audiences; Intensive cooperation with other units from CINI International and CINI India.


Transparency is a relief for a great thing. Especially when the use of funds acquired far away. The lines between CINI Belgium and CINI India are very short. Where necessary, can be rapidly switched. CINI Belgium ensures low overhead because the concept has been developed so that the administrative costs as low as possible. CINI Belgium works with volunteers and used, where possible, information / resources of the existing CINI offices. CINI Belgium makes extensive use of networks that focus on (incoming) families such as midwives, maternity care and child welfare centers.

CINI Belgium
Kipdorpvest 48/52, 2000 Antwerpen - Belgium
Bank Account: 320.0117502.08

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