Adopt a mother and save her child

In India, one out of every three children born are undernourished and over eighty percent of mothers anaemic. The consequences are devastating, a nation with a growing number of malnourished mothers and children who often die even before they reach their first

Adopt a Mother® and Save Her Child is a unique scheme whereby you can ensure the well-being of a mother and her child even before she/he is born.

As part of the Life Cycle Approach used in a holistic manner, the services are targeted at women during pregnancy and children up to the age of two years, as this is the critical period when 80% of brain growth takes place in the human life cycle.

Goals & Objectives

CINI health workers identify needy pregnant women within 12 weeks of pregnancy. A family is assisted during 9 months of pregnancy and the first two years of the child's life (critical period of 33 months both mothers and children are at maximum risk and
when 80% of brain growth in children takes place) with health and nutrition care services.

The family is visited at Home regularly to monitor progress of both mother and child. Parents are advised on childcare practices such as feeding low- cost nutritious food, prevention of illnesses and monitoring the progress of the child. Equal importance is given to child spacing to keep families small and healthy. This enables them to make their own efforts to sustain good health and well-being in the family !

  • Safe motherhood & childcare and growth
  • Male participation in Reproductive and Child Health
  • Family planning: both parents are oriented in the basics of good parenting and family planning
  • Equip adolescents with the knowledge to be able to make informed choices about health and nutrition
  • Establish a coordinating mechanism with the government and Panchayat health efforts.

Expected Outcomes

  • Ensure birth of healthy babies with birth weight of at least 2.5 kg or more
  • Improved birth weight, nutrition, health and developmental status of children up to two years
  • Improved practices of the mother and the family members, enabling a supportive environment for a healthy pregnancy as well as nurturing the mother and her child
  • Improved linkage and strengthening of the available health infrastructure.

Adoption Rights & Privileges

Adoptive parents are updated on the progress of the mother and the child through regular reports, details of their weight, photographs, etc. They receive:

  • First Report - Pre-natal Care Report At the time of adoption
  • Second Report - New Born Report A photograph of both the mother and child
  • Third & Final Report - Post-natal Care & Child Health Report A photograph of the child when s/he turns 18 months old


How can you help?

You can also be part of this initiative by donating 200 GBP/300 Euros/15000 rupees/350 US dollar.This cost covers the health and nutrition requirements of the identified mothers and children in the critical period.

Where the money goes ?


In order to maintain transparency of funds at CINI, we have established stringent accounting and financial reporting procedures.

Payment procedures

If you are planning to make one of these donations, please give us a call or send us an email and we will be glad to go further along with CINI India.
Thanks a lot in advance!

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