CINI Belgium aims to have a important impact on the help provided by CINI in India.
It means that CINI Belgium endeavours to focus its activities in three startegic main directions: the sensitization, the networking and the fund raising.

Our mission

Breaking the intergenerational cycle of poverty malnutrition and ill health

Supporting and rehabilitating for severely malnourished children and their families.
Preventing child malnutrition by helping and supporting mothers in the last 6 months of pregnancy and the child’s first two years, empowering them to give their children the best possible start in life.

Helping disadvantaged children access education and child protection services

Helping child labourers get back into full time education.
Providing shelters for the protection of street-children and evening education centres in red-light areas.
Preventing children from becoming child labourers by ensuring that children from disadvantaged families receive early years educational support and help with the difficult transition to primary school.


CINI Belgium wants to raise awareness about health and nutrition problems taking place in India.
We are running several initaitives as public and private presentations.It gives us the opportunity to share our own experience of development, particularily in the region of West Bengal where CINI India is active.
We propose interactive presentations of CINI's activities where the public can take part in the discussions, providing comments and remarks, as asking several questions. This way of sensitization is particularily important to CINI Belgium's activities, as we believe that each of these presentations may build a constructive dialogue and reach awareness for most of the attendees.


Networking is another crucial dimension of CINI Belgium's activities. A wide and close network with other organisations dedicated to health and development issues in India or similar part of the world is a key dimension for our missions. CINI Belgium always tries to facilitate and encourage collaborations as associations. We do believe that efficiency of a powerful voice has to be leaded by a group of stakeholders gathered around similar issues, propositions and actions.


Fund raising

Fund raising is the most powerful output of CINI Belgium's activities. We play the role of connector between Belgian potential donors and CINI projects in India. This role appears particularily important and meaningful for us, and we always try to find a right match between a donor expectations or interests and any project that could benefit from the donation.

In 2009, CINI Belgium focusses on the Nutritional care, with the case of the Emergency ward and the Nutrition rehabilitation Center, both based in Kolkata, India.

A shoking 1/10 children born in India die before their 6th birthday. More than half of these deaths are related to malnutition.

CINI Belgium Activities intents to finance the Nutrition Rehabilitation Center in Kolkata, India.

A budget of 14285 € to provide first care and infrastructure to more than 35.000 of the poorest.

Last year CINI admited a total pf 1.350 chidren and their primary carers to our Emergency Ward and Nurition Rehabilitation Center.

We are well on our way to raising 36.262 pounds. However, more sustainable, multi-year funding is urgently needed. It will cost 181.310 pounds to secure the future of these services for the next 5 years.

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