CINI Dinner's and Presentation - 12/10/2008

This event has been attended by Kakoli Dey, who specially came from the CINI International Unit in Kolkata, India! We had the opportunity to talk about health, nutrition and education problems stricking the poorest of Indians, and to present how CINI's approach can lead to a sustainable help and development.

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Thank you all for coming; thank you all for your support!

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Relief in Bihar

Dear Friends

It is estimated than nearly 2.7 million people in Bihar have been displaced following monsoon rains of such intensity that the Kosi river has not only breached its banks, but has actually changed course.

CINI currently has a team in the Supaul district of Bihar and is working in partnership with a local NGO in the area to help the villagers who have been worst affected by the flooding.

Most of the families affected are now gathered in refugee camps with the main challenge being securing enough food and safe drinking water.  In particular, suitable baby foods are needed to help maintain the strength of young children.  Currently, some people at the refugee camps are only getting one meal a day. 

There is also an urgent need for shelter materials including ground sheets, tarpaulins, bed sheets and mosquito nets.  Many people have lost all their possessions and so will also need basic family packs with kitchen utensils and stoves for cooking.

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Inauguration of CINI Belgium

CINI inaugurated on the 10th of July 2007 in Antwerp.

A lot of attendees joined us to learn more about our non-profit organisation dedicated to sustainable development.

A presentation followed with some comments and questions turned the session into a constructive dialogue.

Thanks to all of you who attended this inauguration!

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World of Children Honoree 2007: Dr. Samir Chaudhuri Awarded

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